What is the project

Roda de Coladeira is a cultural project that began in 2019 and aims at promoting Cape Verdean culture in the diaspora, especially in Luxembourg. This is done by bringing Cape Verdean artists to perform in Luxemburg and to other European countries in events that are organised principally by women.

The Roda de Coladeira project started in 2019 in Luxembourg. We organised small music events in Luxembourg and in other diaspora communities, and the concept was that of concerts with an artist from the diaspora and an artist from Cape Verde.

After a pause due to health issues we are currently seeking to grow the project and make it more sustainable in economic terms. Therefore we are also seeking partners from the field of culture and will collaborate with, for example, producers and promoters in the music field outside and in Luxembourg. We aim at hiring a multicultural team and aim at strengthening the presence of women in the field of event organisation.

The Cape Verdean community in Luxembourg is big, and there is also a big Cape Verdean community in the Netherlands, France and Belgium, where we are planning to do events. We also plan to do events in Portugal, as there are many Cape Verdean immigrants and their descendants.

Besides that many other Portuguese speaking people listen to Cape Verdean music, which is widely known and appreciated in all the Portuguese speaking countries. Moreover, Cape Verde is also known within the general audience and in other black communities, thanks to such major stars as Cesária Évora and Mayra Andrade.

This means that there is a vast potential audience for these events in Luxembourg and in the surrounding countries.


Rosa Helena dos Reis Santos, event organiser // Shes has completed a professional course on event organisation (Escola das Profissões, Amadora, Portugal), and was main responsible for organising two musical events in Luxembourg – Mário Lúcio and Princezito in October 2019 and Ceuzany in January 2020 – as part of the Roda de Coladeira project.She has also worked in the area of event organisation with the sports association Inter ilhas A.s.b.l, which organises sport events in Luxembourg for Cape Verdean residents. These events are the biggest sports events for foreign citizens in Luxembourg.

Djamilo Spencer Gomes, event organiser and musician // He specialises in Cape Verdean music and has been playing guitar and a small guitar called cavaquinho since 1994. He has performed in many festivals and musical and cultural events in Cape Verde. For over 10 years he has worked towards making Cape Verdean music known in Luxembourg, for example by participating in organising the Cape Verdean weekend in Ettelbruck and by offering music lessons through a Cape Verdean association called ”Amitié Capverdienne de Luxembourg”. He was nominated for the Best Cape Verdean Musician in Luxembourg in 2017, and has worked as the music director for the Roda de Coladeira events, and as the author, composer and musical director in other projects.


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